Tourmaline & Opal Adjustable Ring
Tourmaline & Opal Adjustable Ring
Tourmaline & Opal Adjustable Ring
Tourmaline & Opal Adjustable Ring

Tourmaline & Opal Adjustable Ring

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Polished Ethiopian Opal and Raw Green Tourmaline Ring handmade with so much love!

Stones set in raw copper.

SIZE: adjustable, choose your size range from drop down menu

Rings are made to order, please allow 2 weeks to create your unique ring. Youre ring will be one of a kind and similar to the photographed ring, but not exact, as every stone is unique and different.

CARE: Only adjust once to your size, repeated adjusting and bending of the metal will cause the metal to weaken and ultimately you can break it by adjusting repeatedly. 

Each piece has been handcrafted and electroformed in copper. Electroforming is the process of slowly depositing (or plating) Copper to a surface. This process takes about the 24-48 hours hours to complete a ring. 

All Copper Rings are sealed. Sealant wears over time. If you do not like the raw copper on your skin due to greening, you can always apply a layer of clear nail polish to re-seal. 

This ring is one of a kind! And handcrafted with love and intention. 


Copper Health Benefits: copper is an essential mineral and absorbs into the skin. It is an anti-inflammatory and helps reduce joint pain and arthritis pain. 

Will your skin turn green? This varies with each person and depends on body chemistry and ph levels. The greening of skin is totally natural and not harmful to you. It signifies that the copper is breaking down faster than it is absorbing into your skin, which is good as copper has many health benefits such as being an anti-inflammatory and relieving arthritis symptoms. The color will fade with time or can be washed off with soap and water. If you are uncomfortable with it once the sealant wears, feel free to add clear polish to the inside of the ring as needed to avoid skin color changes.

Copper Care: If your copper ring sealant begins to wear and you notice natural antiquing or aging of the copper (which is so beautiful)... you can always shine the copper back up my putting in lemon, vinegar, ketchup, or anything acidic. Rinse off and dry thoroughly. Seal and keep in a dry place to avoid oxidizing.