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Blue Tourmaline Studs
Blue Tourmaline Studs
Blue Tourmaline Studs
Blue Tourmaline Studs

Blue Tourmaline Studs

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Triple Rare Blue Tourmaline

Tourmaline stones meticulously set in electroformed copper studs with Stainless Steel Posts

Electroformed studs are made to look rough and organic. The imperfections on the studs add to the unique beauty. The surfaces may be rough and natural looking rather than smooth and perfect compared to other types of stud settings. 

Every stone is UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND... meaning that the 2 studs will never look identical. Each will have their own character and individuality, but will be similar size and shape. Expect variation is color, shape, size. 

Electroforming is the process of slowly depositing (or plating) Copper to a surface. This process takes about the 24-48 hours hours to complete a pair of studs.

These studs are one of a kind! And handcrafted with love and intention.

Your studs will come on a descriptive card as photographed 


COPPER: These Studs contain a copper base in the setting of the stone, not in the stainless steel post. We seal all of our copper to preserve the finish. If the sealant wears, there could be greening. To avoid this simply reseal with clear nail polish.  Greening is completely harmless and is simply the copper mineral breaking down prior to absorbing into skin. Copper is an essential mineral for the body and aids will arthritis pain and circulation.