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What Makes Our Cord Necklaces Different

You may have seen other brands that offer silk or nylon cord necklaces. However, I'm here to tell you why ours are different- in the best way, of course!

After much trial & error test driving different brands, styles, and colors of cord, I can proudly say that the one we use is easily the best on the market! 

1. Strength in Synthetics

Many people (including myself) are often turned off by synthetic materials. However, in this field of work I have learned firsthand what works & works best. 

Synthetic fibers were created to fulfill the purpose natural ones simply cannot: longevity. While materials like cotton and silk will degrade more easily over time due to exposure from sunlight, soaps, and general wear, synthetic materials can withstand much more abuse with little to no damage. That's why your grandma's windbreaker that's been in action for 40 years looks nearly new, but your pure cotton T-shirts start losing shape and color after just a few wash cycles. 

That's not to say silk will just disintegrate immediately, but it is to say nylon has the ability to last a lifetime & that's the kind of product we want to provide. 

2. It's All in the Twist

Our cord is painstakingly formulated and produced to an optimal number of twists per inch. (Yes, it is that serious!) This formula has been proven to prevent fraying and tangling during wear while providing maximum flexibility so it doesn't hang stiff on your neck.

This also means our cord is able to stretch and then go back to its original length and shape. Have a little one who loves to grab your necklaces? Tug on them yourself as a nervous habit? (That can't just be me, right?) No problems here! 

Sounds silly, I know. But check it out for yourself below! 

Our cord necklace (left) vs. similar necklace (right)


3. The Perfect Color

When looking at cord, we wanted something that would draw the least amount of attention possible on ALL skin tones. What we found was that many shades on the market were too light for darker skin tones. Our darker-than-beige-but-not-too-dark-brown is truly neutral on everyone! 


4. Finding Finishing Touches 

All findings on every cord necklace, including our optional extenders, are all made of stainless steel. They'll never tarnish & have no biological or chemical effects on the body, so you won't turn green or experience any irritation. Perfect for those with metal allergies or generally sensitive skin! 

We take so much pride in the quality of materials we use here at A Rolling Stone Jewels. Every single piece is lovingly handmade with you in mind. So while this is an area we could cut costs, we never will because you deserve the best!