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Jewelry Care

PLATED Jewelry Care Instructions: 


Remove while

  • washing hands
  • using hand sanitizer
  • cleaning


Remove while

  • working out 
  • swimming
  • showering

To clean, gently buff with 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Do not use chemical jewelry cleaner on plated jewels. 


ALL METAL JEWELS CONTAIN A COPPER BASE. If your skin reacts to copper there is a small chance it will still react to a gold plated copper ring as well. Greening is completely harmless and is simply the copper mineral breaking down prior to absorbing into skin. Copper is an essential mineral for the body and aids will arthritis pain and circulation. 

If green skin with copper pieces in undesirable, you can seal your piece with clear nail polish or a jewelry sealant. I recommend this one on Amazon.