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Customs FAQ

How long do custom orders take?

All Gold and Silver Custom pieces take 6-8 weeks from the time your order is placed. Customs may take a little longer during the holiday season. 

Custom copper pieces take 1-3 weeks from the time the order is placed. 


What is rhodium? 

Anything "silver" you see on the site is actually a metal called rhodium. It is the rarest and most valuable metal in the world (much more expensive than gold). It's so valuable because it is highly resistant to corrosion which, for jewelry, means VERY little chance of tarnishing. It's also super reflective (read: ✨ shiny ✨). So we use it because it rocks. 


Can I shower with my jewelry on?

I recommend removing any plated jewels in the shower. Physical (scrubbing) and chemical (soap) abrasion will wear down the plating over time, and moisture can cause tarnishing. I also recommend removing your jewels while washing hands, applying any oils, lotions, or hand sanitizer. 



Our electroformed jewels are plated with gold or rhodium with the thickness of 3.5 microns, which is 6 times the industry standard of 0.5 microns. However, that can eventually begin to wear depending on how you care for your piece.

We do recommend removing your jewels when showering, swimming, working out, and cleaning for maximum longevity. If you decide to just never take your piece off and the plating does start to wear after a while, just reach out as we can re-plate most pieces! 

For cleaning, I recommend using a microfiber cloth to gently buff out any tarnish. 


My plated ring is beginning to wear down... what do I do?

Reach out! I can re-plate most pieces.


Can you resize rings?

Electroformed rings cannot be resized. Always be sure of your ring size before placing your order.