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Peridot Drop Necklace
Peridot Drop Necklace
Peridot Drop Necklace
Peridot Drop Necklace

Peridot Drop Necklace

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Handmade with so much love, using genuine Peridot Crystals

A dainty drop of love, to represent a special person, date or event in your life... or maybe you're simply drawn to the crystal itself. These little drop necklaces are available in every birthstone. If you want multiple drops on one necklace to represent multiple loved ones or dates, check out our Birthstone Charm Necklace.

  • August Birthstone
  • Adjustable 14k Gold Filled Chain
  • Genuine Crystals set in 14k Gold Dipped Setting
  • Choose your necklace length

Electroformed drops are made to look unique and organic with perfect imperfections along the surface of the metal plating.

Every drop is one of a kind because EVERY STONE IS ONE OF A KIND!

The chain is dainty and durable and can easily be adjusted to any lengt. Wear as a choker one day, and at the longest length the next. Perfect for layering!

When purchasing a piece of jewelry from us, you are supporting our small South Louisiana based business along with our team of women who pour so much love into each and every piece of jewelry. Every piece is 100% handcrafted. We do not mass produce any of our jewelry, so if your dream necklace is unavailable, please reach out to us and we will work hard to make your jewelry dreams come true!

This necklace is hand-created using the process of ELECTROFORMING